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Parsec Hub

Parsec Hub is a network of companies specialized in providing consultancy, training and innovation support services, promotes a deep cultural intervention through a digital transition program in order to seize the opportunities offered by the Digital Single Market (DSM).

Currently, therefore, the Parsec Hub network is made up of the following companies:





Digital Innovation Hub

As One Stop Shop we are called to carry out an important task:

Test Before Invest means making facilities, equipment, technologies and qualified personnel available to allow companies to verify the actual usefulness of Key Enabling Technologies before investing in them.

This service is possible thanks to agreements that Parsec Hub continuously signs with companies, universities and technology transfer centers able to offer everything needed to become familiar with the most modern technologies and their applications.

Currently Parsec Hub collaborates with:

Federico II University




Parsec Hub actively collaborates with numerous other European DIHs, and is the promoter of the Digital Skills Catalogue, a portal dedicated to DIHs, Universities and SMEs from all over Europe.

Visit the catalog to discover the European excellences of Digital Transformation!

Parsec Hub operates as a bridge between companies, research, development and innovation projects, also supporting companies in identifying and accessing national and European public resources to support digital transformation.

Parsec Hub accompanies companies in the digital transformation to understand its potential and risks, identify the priority areas of intervention and acquire the know-how necessary for the implementation of technological innovation projects.

Parsec Hub has extensive experience in:

  • analysis of the level of digital maturity and definition of the resulting needs;
  • understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with the adoption of innovative technological solutions;
  • identification of the priority intervention areas to be transformed into digital transformation projects;
  • implementation and realization of projects also thanks to the partnership with professionals, companies and research institutes.

Parsec Hub’s Digital Transition Managers are available to companies to promote and guide innovation from a 4.0 perspective, through a personalized path that fully responds to the needs and potential of their company.


The company’s transition to digital is a real source of growth in the value chain and makes it possible to reach new levels of competitiveness. To make the most of the fourth industrial revolution, a profound cultural and educational change is needed at all levels and in every department of the company.


Promote and guide digital innovation through a personalized path that fully responds to the needs and potential of the company.

The Technical-Scientific Committee

The Technical-Scientific Committee (CTS) is made up of personalities from the business, academic and institutional world with clear experience and ability in the subjects covered by the network programme.
The objective of the CTS is to contribute to the scientific validity and technical correctness of the activities proposed by the Parsec Hub network.
The collaboration between the bodies of the network and the CTS is aimed at contributing to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the network itself.
The CTS expresses independent opinions and assessments, even preliminary or for guidance, for the Network.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (CE) is the body responsible for verifying compliance with the Code of Ethics by the companies of the Network. The objective of the CE is to guarantee high quality standards of the services provided directly by Parsec Hub or by the companies that are part of it of the network.