Welcome to the era of Digital Innovation

Digital Single Market

A digital single market means fewer obstacles and more opportunities. This means a space without borders in which citizens and businesses can operate, innovate and interact in an agile, safe, secure and affordable way. The Digital Single Market allows companies to make full use of new technologies to easily access and engage in online activities, in conditions of fair competition, with a high level of protection of personal data, regardless of their nationality.

Enterprise 4.0

Enterprise 4.0 is a convergence of all the technological trends that enable digital transformation, and not just the introduction of new technologies.
In implementation of the Horizon 2020 Community framework program, the National Business Plan 4.0 has made various tools available to companies to encourage investments in a 4.0 perspective, through direct contributions and tax breaks.

Enabling technologies

Solutions for advanced manufacturing

Technological solutions able to offer advantages in terms of efficiency in the phases of the production cycle.

Additive manufacturing

Technological solutions best suited for prototyping and/or small-scale customized production processes.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality

Tools for analyzing and processing data in order to obtain useful information for decision-making and process optimization.


Support tools for process optimization thanks to the interconnection between machines.

Vertical and horizontal integration

Tools that allow the interconnection and sharing of information between company areas.

Industrial internet and IOT

Technologies able to provide advantages in terms of greater flexibility of the organization and decentralization of the decision-making process.


Technological solutions to facilitate sharing and access to information.

Cybersecurity and business continuity

Improvement solutions for security protocols in the network of corporate systems.

Big data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

Tools for analyzing and processing data in order to obtain useful information for decision-making and process optimization.

e-Commerce systems

Development of the platform and methods of managing the telematic sales process.

Mobile and/or Internet payment systems

Tools that allow you to manage digital transactions in an optimal way and guarantee their security.

Information and management systems

Tools for the digital management of intra-company and extra-company document flows (ERP, MES, PLM, SCM, CRM).

Technologies for the in-Store Customer Experience

Technological tools aimed at involving customers to improve the shopping experience.

RFID, Barcode, Tracking Systems

Tools for tracking inputs and outputs.