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Technological solutions from an Industry 4.0 perspective are the basis of the innovation path in the company, but it is essential that their implementation takes into account and proceeds hand in hand with the preparation of human resources in order to be able to fully exploit their advantages.

“There are no sectors immune to change, in fact the digitization processes and the speed with which goods and information circulate are so high that we are witnessing very rapid changes in the competitive landscape and the complete overcoming of business formulas that until yesterday seemed unassailable”

S. Bianchi Martini
Director of the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa


The digital transformation changes the economic and social scenarios worldwide with a speed that was unthinkable a few years ago.
In order for it to turn into a business opportunity, it must be interpreted as a technological paradigm to be applied to all company processes.


Digital transformation is a necessary step to start a solid and sustainable growth path for all those companies that want to position themselves in an increasingly distinctive way in their reference sector.


Giving up on starting a digital transformation process of one’s company means, in the short term, limiting one’s competitiveness and in the medium term putting the very survival of one’s company at risk.


The technological solutions indicated in the Business Plan 4.0 represent a starting point, and at the same time a goal within which every company must understand how to pursue Digital Transformation.

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