April 27, 2021 Events, News

Job rise and fall, key skills: how labour is going to be in 2030

80% of the existing jobs in Italy is destined to change its quantitative weight in the following 10 years: 36% with an increasing trend and 44% with a negative trend. Among the rising ones, a little more than half is represented by professions related to technology, but even occupations linked to culture, information and healthcare services are on the rise. Transversal and interpersonal competences (soft skills) will take a major role at the expense of technical knowledge. These are some of the features that contribute to design the scenario reported in the Predictive Study “Jobs 2020: the future of competences in Italy” carried out by ManpowerGroup, Ernst & Young (EY) and Pearson.

For building up the predictive model the 3 companies have started from an analysis of the drivers of the labour market change and of the data received by the stakeholders (the data have been collected via webinar, workshops and chatbot). These values have constituted the basis for programming algorithms that, taking advantage of the Machine Learning, have attempted to draw up the changes within the Italian labour market in the following 10 years.

The study is the first step of the Permanent Observatory that the 3 companies have decided to create, in order to provide to all the involved stakeholders (schools, workers, enterprises and politicians) the tools needed for switching to the model “just in case” from the previous “just in time”, that is a model able to predict the trends and train students and workers building expertise not only for the present moment, but rather for the coming years.

“In order to offer training always up to date with trends, nowadays it is crucial to be able to look a little further ahead at the changes of the following years: tha’s the reason why we have decided to carry out this predictive study with EY and ManPowerGroup that is going to create a permanent observatory on the workplace and its related skills. We trust in this way we can provide a significant tool for the policy makers and for those who have the task to deliver the training and employment policies”, comments Mario Mariani, CEO of Pearson Italia and Europe.

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